Keep moving forward.  Our story begins like anyone's.... at the beginning.  On a cold day in January 2013, a dream was born after finding our family's lost recipe for the finest craft whiskey.  Our founder finally purchased his first still in 2016 and started the long process of opening our distillery.  Then in 2017, after multiple attempts at perfecting our signature spirit, perfection was achieved.  

Nicholas Strauser, President and Chief Executive Officer

Born and raised in Hawaii, our president is just an island boy at heart.   After starting his family in Hawaii, they made the brave decision to uproot the entire family and move to Sin City Las Vegas in 1994.  A skilled jeweler by trade, his true passion has come out in his whiskey.  

Personal Quote
A certain gayeity of spirit preserved in contempt of the accidents of life.
Connie Strauser, Chief Financial Officer

I was raised in Hawaii where i gained my deep appreciation for a close family.  I was lucky to meet and marry my childhood sweetheart, Nik, in 1974.  After raising 2 children, we decided to move to Las Vegas in 1994 where I worked and eventually retired from the City of Las Vegas.  When my husband retired, I encouraged him to follow his passion for distilling. We are excited to share our passion with you.

Personal Quote
Happiness is not getting what you want, it's wanting what you have.
Brandy Sobanski, Director of Marketing and Social Media

Personal Quote
Winners make things happen, losers let things happen.  Be a winner.
James Sobanski, Chief Technology Officer

Personal Quote
Mess with the best, Die like the rest.
Little Kitty, Executive Assistant

I am a cat.

Personal Quote
Jeff Strauser, Head Engineer

Personal Quote
History has the same relation to truth as theology had to religion - Lazarus Long